What a Ride!

This last month for our family has been filled with so many wonderful things. It’s been busy, busy busy! But I feel so grateful for this life of mine.

First up was Paige’s Spring Concert of Dance at MPA. The theme was “America” and she had a dance entitled “Color Me America.” For those of you that know Paige, you know she loves to dance. It’s such fun to watch her perform, especially with her dearest friend, Caroline, by her side. She also had lots of support from our family. It was fun to have her cousins Audrey and Shaun here and my sister as well. And of course, Mimi and Pa and Madison..and Elliot 🙂

Audrey requested that I take her photos one evening so I definitely couldn’t miss this opportunity. Audrey has such a fun spirit and I loved spending some one on one time with her. She and Paige get along wonderfully, playing lots of American Girls, swimming at the pool and watching their favorite shows together.

Elliot played his saxophone in the Waunakee Memorial Day Parade. It was a beautiful tribute to those who have served from Waunakee. They named everyone from 1812 and on.

Miss Paige performed in her school play as the Fairy Godmother. She was adorable and full of personality. Her class did such a great job and it was fun to remember Elliot performing in the same play years ago.

And now for the biggest news for our family…NOAH GRADUATED from HIGH SCHOOL. So hard to believe. His dear friend, Eric, drove all the way from Minneapolis and surprised him which was such a gift. We had my parents, sister and my new nephew in town to celebrate as well.

People keep asking me if I am sad..and I keep saying “No.” I am just so proud of Noah and how far he has come in the past few years. I am so excited for him to experience college and grow into the amazing man I know he will. I definitely am going to miss him around here. He’s such a huge presence in our lives but I can’t help but feel incredibly happy and blessed when I look at him and know he is going to do such great things in life.

And I can’t end this blog post without sharing my most adorable nephew, Mason. He was FULL of smiles and had us all in love with him. Well, all of us except Chaz. 🙂 He may be the cutest baby I have ever seen and we just love him so much!

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